The Wim Hof Method- How to consciously control your Immune system

The Wim Hof Method- How to consciously control your Immune system

Wim Hof is known researcher who does extreme unthinkable things that measure the strength and endurance of a human. He also holds a Guinness world record of several expeditions he has carried all the place with harsh conditions with less protective gears and safety precautions. He has established a method of controlling the immune system in order to fight diseases. The main intentions of Wim Hof is a universe without diseases and to teach as many people as possible to be able to resist these diseases without involving medical doctors basically the method is to build an immune system different from the natural one. It should be noted that the process should be done under a strict approval of your doctor.

Get comfortable while closing eyes

Meditation is key in Wim Hof method so one should sit done in a peaceful place and start reflecting or meditating about themselves. While at these posture ensure that you have the freedom of expanding lungs. The process is effective when one has just risen up from bed in the morning and he or she should not have taken any breakfast.

Warm up

Breathe in and make sure you have inhaled enough air until you feel that the chest has taken in a lot of air until it wants to discharge some. Stop inhaling more air from the surrounding and hold the one already inhaled for a while then realize it pushing out the air to one’s ability. Repeat the process fifteen times.

30 power breaths

This is taking in air through the nose and realizing it through the mouth by maintaining the same steady pace. While doing these one has to close their eyes so that they can concentrate while doing the process. The process should be repeated thirty times until there is a feeling in the body of existence of oxygen.

Scan your body

After the thirty power breath, relax your body. Make sure you look for places that you feel energy is lacking and places that there is overflow. Look for any hindrance of supply of energy and send warmth to that area. These process make people see several images and other visions and it is advised, if these occur one has to embrace them to unlock any issues that may be locked in their inner world.

The Hold

Take in air and these time ensure the lungs are full to the fullest capacity without applying a lot of force. After the process release the air and retain to your ability. Make sure you relax and give room for all energy channels breathing space. Scan to know the way oxygen is flowing around your body.

Recovery breath

Taking in enough air and hold your breath and ensure your chin is on your chest. These holding should take fifteen seconds. This time round direct the energy to areas that lack while on your conscious. The moment should be used to see if there is tension and blockage that is seen. Let your body guide you because it is the one that knows better and uncover the dark areas and filling them.…

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