Wim Hof is a marathon exercise run across the snow with barefoot and immersed stacked body in cold temperatures for an extended time. The Wim Hof method allows participants to go deep into the soul and body. It is an important superpower form of meditation. This has been practiced the people of the ancient Tibetan, which is an inner heat practiced called “Tummo.” However, there is more to it than breathing below that is known for it. It offers great-relaxed state of the mind after meditating on the power of breath. This breathing act has a profound effect and practices should be done as explained below in these six healthy tips.

Breathing Steps of the Wim Hof Exercise

  • Comfortability

This exercise should be practiced in a place where you feel comfortable with no noise. Sitting or lying down is the best position for this workout but is not advisable to carry out either standing or driving as it results in serious health issues.

  • Have about 20-30 Power Breath

Breathing in and out for about 20 times once, you feel comfortable. Practice a deep breath at a controlled pace in and out through the mouth. Make a full inhalation with little exhalation. When inhaling, you feel the rise of the stomach and during exhaling the stomach falls flat. There is also a feeling of excitement throughout the body informs of sensation when putting into practice for the first time. As the time goes on, it becomes normal.

  • Breath Holding

After a powerful breath of about 20, you evacuate the air in your lungs and withhold the breath as far as you can without tension. During this period, you feel relaxed and close your eyes that will help you focus on the spaces around you. See more.

  • Do 10 seconds Breathing

After the breath holding exercise, take a profound breath in and hold for 5 seconds before exhaling it out.

  • Make a repeat of steps 1-4, for another three rounds and put down the record in a diary so that you can easily track your progress.
  • Meditation after four rounds of Wim Hof

After running a deep breath, you can go into regular practices of Wim Hof for 4 minutes if you are a beginner with a close of your eyes.


Before engaging in this ice exercise, you are required to know some certain things, which serve as a warning for the human health. They include the following

  • Always, carry out this snow exercise in a safe environment.
  • Never had you carried it out before or during swimming, diving, driving or baths taking in any environment, as this will lead to dangerous foggy.
  • Make sure you train without force in the cold and listen to your body language to avoid hypothermia.
  • Avoid practice during pregnancy or on an empty stomach.


In conclusion, these six tips on the Wim Hof breathing patterns during this exercise will serve aguide for beginners. Take into considerations both the warnings and the steps to have a healthy living. More details in site: http://polarprana.com